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Cool Links

Here’s a link to a 12-minute clip of Modeler Seth Guinals-Kupperman’s classroom with some expert commentary by Fernand Bruschwig.

Below is a link to the 1-hour WNET special on the drop-out crisis in America; it features Seth being interviewed by by Ray Suarez.

The link below takes you to Frank Noschese giving his TED talk on Modeling Instruction:

Modeling in the news!

Modeling Instruction has been named a promising practice by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative (SMTI). Read more about it here.

Check out this story about a Modeling Workshop in New York City.

Do you have suggestions of other resources we should be sharing with the rest of the world that will help them understand Modeling? Email your suggestion to Colleen at

Model on!

One thought on “For Everyone!”

  1. The video on the teacher domain web page is a resource I will share with school staff and parents to describe my new (for me) approach to teaching chemistry with modeling. I am very excited after the training workshop this summer to go back to school with the experience and resources to implement modeling instruction in a sequence to uncover chemistry in a logical way to a novice with inquiry.

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