2016 AMTA Spring Election of Officers: Candidates Statements-Member-at-Large

3-year term

Erin Conrardy

I am excited and honored to run for AMTA Member-at-Large.

How did I become connected with AMTA and grow to desire this position? Our esteemed Executive Officer Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz first introduced me to Modeling Instruction, during my Master of Natural Science Degree program at Arizona State University.

Modeling Instruction hit a chord, and opened a curiosity within me that I knew I had to bring to my own classroom.  I taught middle school science. So much “modelizing” had to occur to make this happen, but I soon realized the benefits were worth the extra effort as it greatly influenced and improved my teaching methods. AMTA  (particularly Colleen and Wendy) continued to inspire my teaching practices, and encouraged me to become a key curriculum developer of the new middle school resources, and even a Middle School Modeling Workshop leader.

My involvement with AMTA continues to evolve as I’ve recently branched out into two of its affiliates as a Founding Board Member for STEMteachersPHX and Program Manager for STEMteachersNYC.  I look forward to the future of AMTA and hope that I will be given the opportunity to become a Member-at-Large where I would be a committed team player, and do what needs to be done.

George Nelson

George Nelson is currently an 8th Grade Science Teacher in Crystal Lake, Il (Lundahl Middle School). From 2005-2009, George attended Carroll University where he studied Elementary Education with a minor in Science. From his experience at Carroll he was intrigued by the concept of teaching science through inquiry and the constructivist approach.

Upon graduation, George began his teaching career Phoenix, Arizona where in his second teaching at a Title 1 School he increased students meeting or exceeding the 8th Grade AIMS Science test by 30%. After 4 years of teaching in Arizona, George left to teach in his hometown where he currently practices. George has been teaching 8th Grade Science for 7 years now.

After 3 three years of teaching, George was introduced to Modeling Instruction through the Masters of Natural Science at Arizona State University. While enrolled in the MNS program he attended the Chemistry and Mechanics Workshops hosted by ASU. The MNS left a profound impact on his teaching style; which he now fully implements Modeling Instruction in his classroom for over 3 years now.

George interned for Cathy Tiedemann in the summer of 2015 in the Middle School Workshop in Novi, Michigan. He also attended the Facilitators Modeling Training in New York that summer as well.

George is a NGSS enthusiast, and keeps up best practices aligned to NGSS. What he was found is that Modeling Instruction is the most effective way to integrate NGSS in the classroom.

After his years of teaching, George has cherished the opportunity to be a middle school science educator. Every year he hopes to shape his students into critical-thinkers, problem-solvers, and to love learning science!