2016 AMTA Spring Election of Officers: Candidates Statements-Treasurer

The office of treasurer is a two-year term.

Dan Garrison

After earning a physics degree as an undergraduate in 1988, I went on to earn my MBA three years later, and then spent 8 years in the surety industry as a financial analyst.  From 1998-2008, I was an entrepreneur in the financial services industry, and taught fundamental financial concepts to adults in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with mentoring from leaders who transformed a $1 trillion industry for the benefit of millions of families.  I led a team of several dozen in my brokerage that served thousands of families with full-service financial education and services.

In 2007 I was introduced to Wendy Kopp and the vision she had for Teach for America, and decided to change careers in 2009.   I first traveled to China where I taught several thousand Chinese public school English teachers in Beijing, China with a team of educators in a 3-week, intensive 15-hour/day, on-campus training program at Peking University with a small non-profit, English Services Exchange with China (www.esec.org).  Our aims included helping teachers improve their own oral English, learn and experience and adopt more student-centered, active-engagement teaching.

I returned to Dallas in 2010 where I began my high school teaching, and spent 3 years teaching on-level and Pre-AP algebra-based physics to juniors and seniors in a low-income, low-performing public school in Dallas ISD as a Teach for America 2010 Corps member.

In 2013 my family and I moved to Harlem NY to help one of my daughters to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ballerina. I I wrote curriculum for and taught their first “conceptual physics first” course to freshmen at Harlem Village Academy High, a public charter school.  There I participated in biweekly science coaching with local physics Modeler and AMTA and STEMteachersNYC member teacher, Diane Crenshaw

In 2014 I returned to Dallas and am currently teaching the Project Lead the Way Principles of Engineering course to sophomores and juniors at Dallas ISD’s Woodrow Wilson HS Academy of Engineering where I am integrating Modeling pedagogy into the curriculum.

I was introduced to Modeling first through the online community and research I found as I searched for alternatives to what I found to be extremely ineffective, “old-school” science pedagogy.  Thanks also to my oldest daughter’s experience with a high school physics course taught by modeler Nicholas Park at the Greenhill School in Dallas, I was compelled to attend the 2012 Mechanics and 2013 E&M Modeling workshops in NYC. I also joined the AMTA and STEMteachersNYC as a member.  When I returned to Dallas after my first workshop with Mark Shober and Craig Buszka, and interacting with Fernand Brunschwig and the then PhysicsteacherNYC community, I vowed I would somehow help bring modelers together in the DFW area.  I have since helped launch our own local teacher alliance as STEMteachersDFW, aiming to follow the successful models the AMTA and STEMteachersNYC.

If elected to the AMTA board, I pledge to help advance the mission of the organization by bringing my professional experience, passion for teaching and Modeling Instruction in particular, and a set of perspectives aimed at helping multiply the adoption of Modeling Instruction in classrooms across our region, the US, and the world.

Lee Trampleasure

Greetings, my name is Lee Trampleasure and I have taught high school science for 21 years, using Modeling Instruction for the last nine. I have had the pleasure to serve as the AMTA Treasurer for the last two years. During this time, I have assisted Colleen in developing new reports to provide the Board with richer details to assist in planning for the future of AMTA. In the next couple months, our website will feature new financial reports (of course including bar graphs and pie charts!) to help you, the members, better understand how our membership dues are spent–and so you can see the other income streams Colleen has developed for our organization. I bring over ten years of experience in small business and nonprofit finances to help analyze and explain our financial status. However, the finances of an organization such as AMTA has characteristics that differ from both small businesses and most nonprofit organizations, and I have expanded my ‘treasurer’s toolbox’ to better understand and report our organization’s financial health. Financial planning is, at its core, just like modeling: We look at data, talk with others in similar fields, and discern trends that will help us make predictions for the future. In 2016, your Board has initiated a major strategic planning process to help guide us through our next stage of growth–and hired a new Executive Officer to step in as Colleen retires. I ask for your support in approving me for another two-year term to complete the upgrading of our accounting efficiency and transparency.