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This is a place for you to find out what your executive board is considering and what decisions they have made recently. We will post the minutes for recent board meetings here, agendas for upcoming board meetings, and other items of news and information that may be of interest to members.

Minutes and of monthly meetings:

January 19, 2014      Minutes      Budget

February 23, 2014   Minutes

January 2014 AMTA Newsletter

2013 AMTA Annual Report

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  1. We had one last summer (actually we called it a retreat–we met at a camp in the mountains northeast of Phoenix called Camp Tontozona). It was fairly small–43 attendees. We decided that since our budget is still modest and we didn’t quite break even on this last one that we would plan to have a gathering every other year for the time being, so you can look for the next one to be held in summer of 2016.

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