Announcing Small Grants for Modeling Research for AMTA Members

The Executive Board of AMTA has set aside a small fund ($20,000 for Calendar Year 2014) from which it will award grants of $1,000-5,000 to individuals or small groups who produce publishable research on aspects or implementations of Modeling Instruction.

Proposal Guidelines

To apply for research funds, candidates much submit a proposal that includes the following:

  1. Who is making the request and why (i.e., master’s or PhD thesis, classroom action research project, personal curiosity, etc.) Please email Wendy Hehemann to request the proposal cover sheet on which this information will be collected.
  2. The research question to be investigated
  3. The rationale for pursuing this line of research (including a brief review of the literature on what is currently known about the question to be studied and who is likely to benefit from knowing the findings of the study – e.g., the likely implications for instruction, or curricular design, or assessment design or further research)
  4. The research method, including a description of the population being studied, sample size and characteristics, data collection methods and instruments, approach to data analysis
  5. The anticipated research timeline: project start date; if data has already been collected, where are you in the analysis process, and by what date do you expect to have a publishable report/journal article?
  6. The funding you are requesting and an explanation of need for these funds
  7. How much and what kind of help you feel you will need to prepare your findings for publication – do you have a target journal in mind?
  8. Whether you have obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for your study (you must have this in order to publish research on human subjects), and if not how you will do this?

Submission Guidelines:

The entire proposal should be no longer than 5 pages single-spaced (12 point Times New Roman or Arial font, 1-inch margins). Proposals can be submitted at any time. Each proposal will be reviewed by a panel of three reviewers and the panel’s recommendations will be considered by the executive board, who will render a funding decision at the next regularly scheduled monthly board meeting following board members’ receipt of the summary of the reviewers’ remarks and recommendations.  Award decisions will be contingent upon executive board approval. This review and decision process should not take more than 2 months and may take less.

Criteria for reviewers:

  • Intellectual merit
  • Impact
  • Degree of relevance to Modeling Instruction
  • Feasibility of proposed study
  • Soundness of research design
  • Reasonableness of timeline
  • Reasonableness of funding request
  • Overall recommendation