Back-to-School Advice for Modelers

As we gear up for the start of the school year, there are some preliminary measures we can institute to make the introduction of Modeling Instruction to a new group of students a little smoother.

Below are links to 6 listserv compilations that Jane Jackson usually posts at the beginning of each school year:

Also of interest are the following two articles, published in the same edition of the Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online:

Minimizing resistance to inquiry-oriented  instruction: The importance of climate setting (pp. 10-15)
      Carl J. Wenning  

Six years of Modeling workshops: Three cautionary tales (pp. 16-18)
      James Vesenka

Click here to download the entire issue.

Read them all, or bookmark the page and refer to it as needed. You will also find a forum (also password protected so your students and their parents won’t be reading it) for back to school advice for modelers where you can share your own experiences about these and other potential challenges that new Modelers may face.

Under the “About” tab you will also find pages designed for you to share with students, parents and administrators who may have questions about Modeling Instruction. There are also links to some good videos that they will find informative on our Modeling in the News page under the “Research” tab.

Do you need to send a note home to parents about how their student is doing in your standards-based grading class? Click here for a letter that Carlos Montero created. You may wish to adapt it for your own use.

Good luck with the coming school year!

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