Call for Manuscripts

The Executive Board of the AMTA is moving ahead with two edited book projects (to be published both in electronic and paperback):

  • Modelers’ Tales – a collection of short stories, essays (and maybe images) by Modelers that will ‘speak’ to teachers who are at every developmental stage along the road to becoming a Modeler (including teachers who have yet to attend a Modeling Workshop).
  • A Practical Guide to Modeling Instruction – a collection of readings addressing teaching practices; learning environment; technology; coping with administrators; parents, colleagues and other demands; and conceptual development in physics, chemistry, biology and overarching issues that apply to all disciplines (e.g., teacher and student questioning, control-motivated v. autonomy motivated classrooms, effective board meetings, how to write and use practice-with-the–model questions, etc.)

The length of a submission to either of these is flexible but probably should not exceed 5000 words (we’d like each chapter to stand alone and be something that can be read in a single sitting (think about Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell when picturing the format and the readability we are shooting for).

If you have something you have already written (there are some great blogposts out there that are well worth including) that you would like to submit for review for either of these publications, or if you would be willing to serve on a manuscript review panel for either book, please contact Colleen. Or if you have particular issues or categories you would like to see addressed in either of these volumes, we would like to hear about these as well. Please understand that depending on the number and types of submissions we receive, we may not be able to publish everything.

Manuscript submission deadline: December 31, 2012. (If you need a little more time, ask–we can be flexible.)

Manuscript proposals requested: In order to help us plan, if you want to submit a manuscript, please click here and submit the following:

  1. Which of the two volumes listed above you are planning to submit a manuscript for;
  2. In general, what you will be writing about (just a paragraph or two—100-150 words).
  3. Two or three “keywords” that will help us decide the placement of your manuscript in a category or book section.

This will help us to know what we will have plenty of and what to keep asking for over the next few months.

Is there someone you think we should invite to submit a manuscript? Nominate them, and supply a short explanation for why you think their work belongs in one of these two volumes.

 Manuscript formatting guidelines:

Please format your manuscript submission as follows (these formatting guidelines do not apply to the 150 word abstract you will submit as soon as you can— they apply only to the full manuscript):

  • One inch margins all the way around
  • Double spaced text
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • No extra space between paragraphs
  • An indented first line for each paragraph
  • Header information identifying the title of the manuscript on every page
  • Page numbers
  • References in APA format 

We are looking forward to reading your submissions!



4 thoughts on “Call for Manuscripts”

  1. I see a new beginning for better things yet to come to make the teacher-learner gap smaller. These two projects will definitely place the teacher in a more pivotal position to execute his or her role with greater ease.

  2. When do you want the manuscripts? I am swamped now but I am SOOOO excited about the way Modeling has changed my teaching and more importantly the way my students learn. A colleague said to me the other day, “I know that when my students leave my room, they are ready for college chemistry.” I replied, “I know that when my students leave my room, they are ready for college.”

    1. Which book are you interested in submitting for? We were hoping for manuscripts by June 1 but will probably not have enough to go ahead with the books till the end of summer the way things are going. Contact me at and we’ll talk.

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