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link to AAPT Physics first pageFor years, modelers have been working on modifying the materials designed for the capstone physics course for use in a 9th grade “Physics First” course. Two such sets of materials, one from Shady Side Academy (near Pittsburgh, PA) and from a group of St. Louis teachers are available here

In addition, we have included some of the arguments supporting a Physics-Chemistry-Biology sequence in high school science.

These materials are provided as “works in progress’ by the authors to help you with your own efforts in implementing a Physics First approach.

Preview a sample of Unit 1 materials (Uniform Motion) from the St Louis set of materials. Unit 1-Uniform Motion sample

A PowerPoint file showing supporting arguments for a Physics-Chemistry-Biology sequence Inverted Sequence Modeling.

Other resources:

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2 thoughts on “Physics First”

  1. I’m trying to get to the Shady Side Physics First materials. The AMTA Physics First page indicates that AMTA has these materials posted, and I think I have previously downloaded them from the site. So far I can only get to the Physics First page directly from the Internet. In order to access resources, I have to log in, but this takes me to the AMTA Dashboard. I have not discovered a way back to the Physics First page once I have logged in. When I click on Curriculum Resources on the Dashboard, the Shady Side materials are not listed. Basically, I left my aux. drive with all of that at home and am trying to plan the rest of the semester in my planning period. So I figured I’d just re-download what I needed. Not working out thus far.

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