Casey Rutherford’s spreadsheet of useful physics resources for Modelers

Physics Modeling Instruction List of Resources is designed to be a place where people can find and/or add resources related to Modeling Instruction in Physics.

Please add your own or other people’s materials, and please follow the formatting guidelines below.

  • When using formatting for headings (look for the drop down next to the zoom % that likely says Normal text), the headings can auto populate a table of contents
  • Main categories are Models and are Heading 1
  • Subcategories (Model building, Model development, Model deployment, and Breaking the Model) are Heading 2
  • Individual items should be Heading 3
  • Name individual items with a descriptor and the name of the author/creator with the heading, then put a description using normal text.
  • Feel free to add categories or subcategories as needed. For example, I thought about, but didn’t yet, adding