Workshop Leaders & Organizers

This is a place for information of interest to Modeling Workshop Leaders and Organizers.

NOTE: Combined pdf files for the Biology, Chemistry 1 and 2, E&M and Mechanics manuals are now available to those who wish to print their manuals locally. These are files that combine the individual files for each unit, along with blank sheets after files with an odd number of pages. These will allow one to print a workshop manual from 8-10 large files rather than from 100+ individual files. Sites that would prefer to order the workshop manuals printed, 3-hole punched and shrink wrapped can find order information on the Modeling Workshop Supplies, Equipment and Materials page.
Send your request to Larry Dukerich. You will be given a link to a Dropbox folder with the workshop manual you desire.

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Spring 2015 Workshop Leader Newsletter

May 20, 2015 Workshop Leader Town Hall Meeting recording