Workshop leaders’ checklist

Below are some checklists for workshop leaders. Of course, your workshop will have some differences, but this is a good start (and, clearly, it’s under construction).


  • It’s great if you can get a company/grant/etc. to sponsor your workshop. Remember that in most cases your workshop will be independent from AMTA and ASU; however if you need non-profit status for a sponsorship opportunity, AMTA may be able help. Please contact …
  • Sponsorships can also provide stipends for your participants, which will increase the popularity of your workshop.
  • It is important that if you approach a large company for a sponsorship that you not present yourself as representing AMTA–AMTA is continually looking for grants and companies/foundations should not confuse your workshop with AMTA the organization.
  • Possible list of sample solicitation letters here…

Fiscal Management

  • if an institution sponsors your workshop you can expect that they will provide fiscal management (collect workshop fees, pay bills, compensate instructors, etc.). If the cannot provide fiscal management, you can arrange for AMTA to do this for you (for a percentage of your workshop fee or for a fixed amount, depending on the extent of services you need). We’re not looking to make a profit here, just to break even. If you decide to use AMTA for this service please contact Colleen at least a month before you need to begin workshop registration so we can iron out the details and create the necessary web pages. One advantage to using AMTA is that we are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit so you will not need to pay sales tax on anything you purchase.  FYI most universities are also non-profit.


Printed materials:

  • Most years AMTA makes an arrangement with a printer for production of the binder packets. Contact the Printing Center (602)438-8522 about this (you are responsible for paying for the number of binders you use). (Here’s a Word document template for a cover page for your binder and binder spine; feel free to add images/logos from your institution).
  • You should plan on purchasing large binders for your participants, usually 3″ will do.
  • Many workshops use “

Electronic materials:

  • All documents are now available online.
  • You can also post supplemental documents to the Forums (we can create a sub-forum just for your workshop).

Workshop leader stipends

  • Workshop leader stipends are generally $x,000/week.

Supplemental readings:

Most workshops require reading outside of the teacher notes. These provide background information on teaching and learning that are not included in the teacher notes.

  • Arons, Arnold: A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching (especially chapters… [can we scan the appropriate pages and link them here]). This books is out of print, and quite expensive through Amazon, so you may want to photocopy the necessary pages.
  • Jackson, Jane, Larry Dukerich, and David Hestenes, Modeling Instruction: An Effective Model for Science Education (8 pages, reprint from Science Educator, Spring 2008)
  • Wells, Malcom, David Hestenes, and Gregg Swackhamer, A Modeling Method for High School Physics Instruction (34 pages, reprint from the American Journal of Physics, July 1995).

College units

  • Many leaders arrange to have their workshops approved as courses at local universities. More information on that here…


  • Most workshops start the first day by providing snacks for participants, then ask them to sign up for bringing different snacks on following days.
  • Don’t forget that coffee machines are appreciated.

 Logistics at your site:

Parking. Do participants need any permits?

Lodging: If you can, find a local hotel that will provide a discount to attendees.

Copying: You will probably need to make a few copies during the workshop, so having access to a copy machine is useful.

Technology: Follow the link provided to download an Excel workbook with recommendations for Vernier hardware and software for both chemistry and physics workshops. VS&T for Chem-Phys

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