How to host a Modeling Workshop

AMTA gets many inquiries from individuals and institutions who would like to host Modeling Workshops. Below is a basic checklist outlining the host institution’s responsibilities.  Of course there is much more to know (e.g., what should we charge, where will the money come from? can we offer graduate credit?). These questions have unique answers depending on the circumstances of the host organization. We can discuss these with you personally, but the checklist below provides a basic overview of the process.

  1. Before you do anything else: Contact Wendy Hehemann (, AMTA’s National Modeling Workshop Coordinator to let her know of your interest. There are a few things you need to know before you go further with your planning.
  2. You need a person to take the lead as  workshop coordinator for the host institution:
    1. When the institution is a university, they will most likely be the fiscal agent
    2. When it is in another location, AMTA can be the fiscal agent
  3. Decide what kind of Modeling Workshop you want to host:
    1. Physics
    2. Physical science
    3. Chemistry
    4. Electricity and magnetism
    5. Biology
    6. Intro to modeling
    7. etc.
  4. Decide how much your workshop will cost and whether it will carry graduate credit
  5. Identify the venue where you will hold the workshop:
    1. Classroom with lab tables
  6. You need qualified Modeling Workshop leaders:
    1. AMTA can help you with that
  7. Supplies:
    1. You are responsible for locating or acquiring the materials and equipment you will use
    2. AMTA can point you to the materials needed and may be able to help you find suppliers, click here for a list.
  8. Advertise to teachers
  9. Create a webpage/registration site
    1. You should send us the registration information for your Modeling Workshops so that we can post it on the AMTA website
  10. Fiscal management:
    1. Your institution can do this or
    2. AMTA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and can handle your fiscal management  for a flat fee
    3. AMTA can set up a registration page online for your workshops as a part of this fiscal management fee
  11. Curriculum materials:
    1. Print copies of the approved Modeling curricula for your workshop are available from  Crown Press – 2450 S 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034
      Contact: Patrick O’Dell: 602-437-4444
    2. Workshop host institutions pay a per workshop attendee curriculum licensing fee to AMTA for use of their curriculum materials- this fee covers a one year “New Member” subscription to AMTA. For 2016 Modeling Workshops this fee will be $50 per participant.)
  12. Recommended resource books:
    1. For Mechanics: Arnold A. Arons: Teaching Introductory Physics,  John Wiley & Sons Publishing, ISBN-10 0471137073.     ISBN-13: 978-0471137078. Each spring, AMTA leaders ask the publisher for a half-price discount for all participants nationwide. Please wait until the end of April to be given the discount code, the actual cost, and ordering instructions for single and multiple copies.
    2. For physical science with math (Units 4, 5, 6 on force, motion, foundations of chemistry):  Introductory Physical Science (9th edition) by Haber-Schaim, Gendel, Kirksey, Pratt ($68 in 2012).Order online:
    3. For chemistry I: Introductory Physics: A Model Approach  by Robert Karplus,  2nd edition, edited by Fernand Brunschwig. Copyright 2011. Download free at ; login as guest.  TO ORDER MULTIPLE COPIES AT A DISCOUNT: Fernand Brunschwig, Publisher:
    4. Useful but optional:
  13. Further information:
    2. Email Wendy Hehemann at:

Recording of Workshop Host’s webinar 5/21/2015

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