Video Resources for Modeling Chemistry

Below are links to video resources that may be too large to be uploaded directly to this website.

Unit 1 – Simple Particle – Describing Matter

Unit 2Simple Particle – Energy and States, part 1

Unit 3 – Simple Particle – Energy and States, part 2

Unit 4 – Bonded Particles – Describing Substances

Unit 5 – Counting Bonded Particles – the Mole

Unit 6 – Particles with Internal Structure

Unit 7 – Representing Chemical Change – Particles and Energy

Unit 8 – Introduction to Stoichiometry

Unit 9 – Further Applications of Stoichiometry

Unit 10 – Models of the Atom

Unit 11 – Periodic Table and Bonding

Unit 12A – Temperature and Thermal Energy

Unit 12B – Intermolecular Attractions and Biological Macromolecules

Unit 13 – Equilibrium

Unit 14 – Acids and Bases

5 thoughts on “Video Resources for Modeling Chemistry”

  1. In the Chemistry Unit 5, the Teacher Notes refer to the “Nail” Lab; unfortunately, I can find no supporting material for that lab in the Teacher Note, nor anywhere else in the folder. Is this because I ate too many paint chips as a child, or is something else going on?

    1. You didn’t eat lead-laden paint chips; you found an error, an artifact of the renumbering of units that took place a few years ago. This reference to the nail lab is supposed to occur at the end of unit 6. The actual lab is found in the unit 7 materials. I will fix this.

  2. I am brand new as of today. I am seeing very few links such as on this page the only live link is: Electrolysis of copper(II) chloride
    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Erin – I have the same problem with the video resources, and have gotten no response to my post. Have you found out anything?

      Susan Smith

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