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Modeling Workshops for Summer 2015

News flash:

Distance learning/online version of our Physics: Electricity and Magnetism workshop is being offered spring 2016 (starting in February). Complete details here.


Below you will find a list of Modeling Workshops that are being planned for Summer 2015.  Whether they will actually occur depends upon enrollment and funding.  Most are three-week summer workshops that thoroughly treat the pedagogy and content for a high school physics, chemistry, physical science or biology course. Content is reorganized around basic models to increase its structural coherence. Participants are supplied with a complete set of course materials and work through activities alternately in the roles of student or teacher, as they practice techniques of guided inquiry and cooperative learning. At many workshops, teachers receive stipends and/or tuition waivers, instructional materials, and sometimes housing at reduced rates. (State-funded workshops provide these only for in-state teachers.) Generally, workshops use whatever probes and interfaces are available at the site.

Are you considering hosting a Modeling Workshop? Click here for an outline of host institution responsibilities. Please note: AMTA strongly recommends workshops that are three weeks in duration because these provide teachers the opportunity to practice the interactive engagement techniques crucial to the successful implementation of Modeling Instruction in the classroom. Two-week workshops can also be effective, provided academic year follow-up support is available. Professional development experiences that are shorter in duration are not considered Modeling Workshops. Such “Modeling Lite” or “Introduction to Modeling” type sessions afford participants the chance to explore aspects of modeling instruction. However, we believe they provide teachers neither sufficient time to develop a deep understanding of the pedagogy nor the opportunity to practice the listening and questioning skills that allow one to successfully implement the approach.

Free 1-year trial membership in AMTA! Participants in full workshops this summer are eligible for a free 1-year trial membership in AMTA. Your workshop leader will provide you details on how to enroll. At the end of the year you will have the option of renewing your membership. Follow this link for some details.

Ask your school district to pay for your Modeling Workshop. The document HowGetFinancialHelp from Jane Jackson offers advice on getting financial help from your district or other sources.

Workshops by State

Below is a current list of workshops. This page is frequently updated as new information becomes available. Some workshops are contingent on funding and sufficient enrollment to make them cost-effective. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are open to high school and post-secondary science teachers worldwide. [Updated 5/10/15]

  • Alabama
    Indian Springs Academy
    Dates: July 7-16

    Content: mechanics cancelled due to low enrollment
    Cost: $500
    Download an information pamphlet
    Download a description of the workshop
    Contact Tim Burgess for details
  • Arizona
    Arizona State University-Tempe
    Open to high school and middle school teachers nationwide.
    Dates: June 8-26
    PHS 530/PHY 480: Methods of Physics Teaching I – mechanics
    Leader: Jeff Steinert
    PHS 594/PHY 494: Methods of Physics Teaching II – mechanical waves
    Leader: Michael Crofton
    Dates: June 15-26
    CHM 594: Modeling Instruction in High School Chemistry II
    Leader: Phil Root
    Dates: July 6-24 (at Carl Hayden HS in Phoenix)
    CHM 594: Modeling Instruction in High School Chemistry I (core units)
    Leaders: Russ Shaffer & Levi Torrison
    Contact Jane Jackson, 480-965-8438, or visit ASU Graduate Program for High School Teachers.
    Housing (private room, semi-private bath in furnished apartment near campus): $15 to $20/day may be available.
    MCESA Middle School Science workshop
    Dates: June 15- July 3

    Leaders: Erin Conrardy and Christie Mendoza
    openings for 5 out-of-district teachers
    Cost: $650
    Follow this link to apply
    Contact Jeff Hengesbach for details
  • Arkansas
    Bentonville High School
    Dates: June 22 – July 8
    (subject to change)
    Content: mechanics
    Leaders: Earl Legleiter & Karen Ladd
    Contact Stephen Skinner for details
  • California
    Cal State – Fresno
    Dates: July 13-24

    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Davit Gettman
    Content: chemistry
    Leader: Brenda Royce
    $600 registration fee, but participants receive a stipend of $200
    Registration ends May 15, 2015
    Download a flyer for the CA Fresno workshop 2015
    Contact Brenda Royce for details
    Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo
    Dates: June 22 – July 3

    Content: physics II
    Leader: Jon Anderson, Centennial High School
    Content: chemistry I
    Leader: Brenda Royce, University High School/CSU Fresno
    Price: Registration will be $275 for all participants outside of our local partner area (SLO & Northern Santa Barbara counties) for participants; parking and lunch will be included for ALL participants
    Click here to download a Modeling 2015_flyer
    Contact Sarah Hegg for details
  • Colorado
    University of Northern Colorado
    Dates: July 6-17
    Content: Chemistry I
    Leader: Laura Slocum
    Cost: $750
    Housing available (off and on campus):
    Click to obtain registration form Registration open 3/16
    Contact Richard Schwenz for details
  • Connecticut
    South Windsor HS
    Dates: June 29 – July 17

    Content: mechanics
    cancelled due to insufficient enrollment
    Leader: David Ennis & Rose Emmanuel
    Visit the website to get information and register
    Contact David Ennis for details
  • Florida
    University School, Fort Lauderdale
    Dates: July 6-24

    Content: chemistry I
    Leader: Carlos Montero
    Cost: $500
    Follow this link to register
    Contact Carlos Montero for details
    University of Central Florida
    Dates: July 6-24

    Content: mechanics
    Leaders: Art Woodruff & Jon Anderson
    Download the Workshop_flyer
    Follow this link to complete a survey and register
    Contact Kevin Thomas for details
  • Georgia
    Georgia State U
    Dates: TBA

    Content: mechanics
    Contact Frank Lock for details
  • Illinois
    Wheaton-Warrenville South High School, Wheaton
    Dates: June 15-26

    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Matt Scheffler
    Content: E & M
    Leader: Jim Stankevitz
    Content: chemistry I (full: wait-listed)
    Leader: Phil Culcasi
    Content: biology
    Leader: Frank Novakowski
    Registration opened Feb 15. Contact Jim Stankevitz for details
  • Kentucky
    Western Kentucky University
    Dates: July 6-24
    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Joe Mahler
    Click here for the application form
    Contact Dr. Richard Gelderman for details
  • Louisiana
    Dates: July 6-17
    Content: physical science
    Leader: Phil Root
    Contact Andrea Walker for details
  • Maine
    Kennebunk – First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church
    Dates: July 27 to August 7

    Note: each of these workshops last 1-week; participants have the option of attending the follow-up workshop
    The organizers have made arrangements to offer up to three graduate education credits per week for either workshop at $125/credit from a NEASC approved school.
    Content: Intro to mechanics – kinematics
    Leader: Chad Hodgkin
    Content: mechanics-dynamics
    Leader: Chad Hodgkin
    Content: intro chemistry
    Leader: Tom Pfeiffer
    Content: intermediate chemistry
    Leader: Tom Pfeiffer
    Download the Maine Modeling Workshop 2015 flyer
    Register for the workshops
    Contact Dean Meggison for details
  • Massachusetts
    Franklin HS
    Dates: July 13-24
    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Darren Broder
    Download a flyer for the mechanics workshop
    Dates: July 6-17
    Content: chemistry
    Leader: Tom Pfeiffer
    Download a flyer for the chemistry workshop
    Contact Brenda Lee Redding for details
  • Michigan
    Oakland Science, Mathematics and Technology Center, Waterford
    Dates: June 22 – July 10

    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Laura Ritter
    Content: chemistry
    Leader: Gary Abud
    Dates: June 15 – July 3
    Content: biology
    Leaders: Angela Gard & Julie Maimes
    Dates: June 29-July 17
    Content: middle school science
    Leaders: Colleen Megowan & George Nelson
    MAISD Regional Mathematics and Science Center, Muskegon
    Dates: June 22 – July 10

    Content: chemistry
    Leader: Tammy Gwara
    Kent ISD, Grand Rapids
    Dates: June 17 – July 9

    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Don Pata
    Dates: July 27 – August 14
    Content: biology
    Leaders: Angela Gard & Julie Maimes
    COOR ISD Mathematics and Science Center, Roscommon
    Dates: July 27-August 14
    Content: chemistry
    Leader: Levi Torrison
    Seaborg Mathematics and Science Center, Marquette
    Dates: July 6-24
    Content: physics
    Leader: Shannon McLaughlin
    Follow this link for information and to apply
  • New York
    SUNY-Buffalo State College
    Dates: July 20-August 7

    PHY622 – E & M
    Leaders: Dan MacIsaac, Meg Helmes, Craig Uhrich
    Follow this link for information
    Contact: Dan MacIsaac for details
    Teachers College-Columbia University, NY City
    Organizer: STEMteachersNYC

    Reimbursement available for lodging – apply here
    Content: mechanics
    Dates: July 20 – August 7Leaders: Paul Bianchi & Zhanna Glazenburg
    Cost: $600 ($300 reimbursement for those completing workshop successfully)
    Details & Registration
    Content: chemistry I
    Dates: July 20 – August 7
    Leaders: Donghong Sun & Tammy Gwara
    Cost: $600 ($300 reimbursement for those completing workshop successfully)
    Details & Registration
    Content: Modeling for middle school science
    Dates: July 13-July 31
    Leaders: Kelly Gamez Warble and Deb Pardee (co-leaders), with Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz (guest leader)
    Cost: $600 ($300 reimbursement for those completing workshop successfully)
    Details & Registration
    Contact: Fernand Brunschwig for details
  • N Carolina
    The Science House: North Caroline State University
    Dates: July 6-23
    pending funding
    Content: physical science
    Leaders: Thomas Brown, Michael Turner, Elizabeth Pate
    2 (!!) biology workshops
    Leaders: Latoya Scott, Lynn Gaskin, Jennifer Griffin, Julie Maimes
    Click here for information
    Download the application form
    Contact: Scott Ragan for details
  • Ohio
    Bowling Green
    Dates: July 13-24

    Content: physics/chemistry
    Leader: Nate Ash and Mary Kate Hafemann
    Content: biology
    Leader: Kristine Newman
    Follow this link for further information
    Baldwin Wallace University – Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Host: Peter Hoekje
    Dates: June 15- July 3

    Content: CASTLE electricity
    Leaders: Jess Dykes & Holly McTernan
    For $750 each participant gets the 14 day workshop, 6 credits, lunch, parking, AMTA, workshop materials, whiteboards.
    Contact: Holly McTernan for details
    The Ohio State University – New Albany HS
    Dates: June 8 – 26

    Content: Mechanics
    Leaders:Brian Carpenter & Chas Deremer
    Content: Chemistry I (core units)
    Leaders: Liz Emmer & Tom Wisard
    Content: Adv Modeling – curriculum development
    Leaders: Heidi Kresge & Rick Jacox
    Content: Engineering—details will follow
    Leader: Kathy Harper
    Download the 2015 ModelingFlyer
    Download the Ohio Modeling App 15
    Contact: Kathy Harper for details
    University of Cincinnati
    Dates: June 15-July 2

    Content: mechanics
    Leaders: Aaron Debbink and Ben Buehler
    Download an Information Flyer
    Download the Application – grades 7-12 teachers
    Contact: Kathy Koenig for details
  • Pennsylvania
    The The Hill School – Pottstown (Philadelphia area)
    Dates: June 23-July 3

    Content: chemistry
    Leader: Larry Dukerich
    Cost: $400 for commuters – Teachers who have to pay out-of-pocket may apply for financial assistance
    Arrangement may be made for room and board
    Contact: Josh Schmidt for details
  • Texas
    Southern Methodist U
    Dates: June 8 – 26

    Content: mechanics
    Leader: Nicholas Park
    Participants from outside the Dallas area will be accepted if spaces are not filled by local participants. $100 registration fee, upon successful completion $500 stipend.
    Open to US residents only.
    See Dedman Academics Programs for details
    Contact Dr. Simon Dalley for details

Workshops Overseas

  • Hong Kong
    Location: Hong Kong International School – pending sufficient enrollment
    Dates: TBA
    Content: mechanics
    Leaders: Bill Canham and Joel Klammer

Introduction to Modeling Instruction Training by State

These 1-week professional development experiences afford participants the chance to explore aspects of modeling instruction.

  • Minnesota

    Winona State University
    Dates: July 13-17
    Content: Intro to modeling
    Leaders: Scott Hovan and Darrell Rahn
    The cost is $500 for the week, lunch included. Participant housing (optional, w/ AC) runs at $25/night.
    Click here for registration information
  • New Jersey

    Dates: TBA
    Content: Responsive teaching in science (for elementary teachers)
    Contact Jason Sullivan for details
  • New York
    Organizer: STEMteachersNYC
    Location: Teachers College-Columbia University
    Dates: July 13-17

    Content: Graphical Methods for Physics Problem Solving
    Leaders: Kelly O’Shea & Mike Pustie
    Cost: $199 ($100 reimbursement for those completing workshop successfully)
    Contact: Fernand Brunschwig for details
    Dates: July 20-24
    Content: Modeling Workshop Leadership Development (by invitation only)
    Leaders: Mark Schober and Craig Buszka
    Cost: $200 ($100 reimbursement for those completing workshop successfully)
    Lodging reimbursement up to $85/night for 12 participants from outside NYC Metro Area
    Dates: July 27-31
    Content: Modeling Workshop Leadership Development (by invitation only)
    Leaders: Mark Schober and Craig Buszka
    Cost: $200 ($100 reimbursement for those completing workshop successfully)
    Lodging reimbursement up to $85/night for 12 participants from outside NYC Metro Area
    Contact: Fernand Brunschwig for details
    Sienna College – Loudenville, NY
    Dates: July 6-9

    Content:Intro to modeling physics – waves
    Cost: $30 to cover cost of lunch on final 3 days
    Contact Darren Broder for details
  • North Carolina
    North Carolina New Schools, Raleigh NC
    Dates: July 6-10

    Content: mechanics
    Leader: TBA
    Dates: July 13-17
    Content: biology
    Leader: TBA
    Registration Fee: $600 per course, includes lunch daily
    Follow this link for more information
  • South Carolina
    Wando HS – Charleston (confirmed)
    Dates: June 22-26

    Content: intro to modeling
    Leaders: Jason Lonon & Tom Brown
    Price set at $350, registration via AMTA eWL site
    Follow this link for a flyer
    Contact Nathan Belcher for details
  • Virginia
    James Madison University
    Dates: June 22-26

    Content: intro to chemistry modeling
    Leaders: Stephen Colbert & David Farabee
    Price: $395 if paid by 5/15, $440 afterwards
    Follow this link for course information
    Follow this link to register

Additional information about Modeling Instruction workshops (including a map) may be found at the PhysTEC website

Other professional development opportunities that feature modeling:

  • California
    Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo
    Dates: June 22-July 3

    Content: biology
    Leader: Susan Johnson
    Contact Sara Hegg for details


2015 Workshop Participant New Member AMTA Registration At the beginning of your 2015 Modeling Workshop, your leader will give you a registration code. These free registration codes will be honored through August 15, 2015 when the new member registration period will close. To activate your free membership you must contact Be sure to include your registration code in your email message.

26 thoughts on “Workshops 2015”

  1. I was interested in the E&M workshop at southern Methodist U? I understand you may not have all the details but at this point I was interested in knowing the cost of the workshop and the approximate dates. I have a place to stay in Dallas

  2. I would like to attend any and all Chemistry Modeling workshops in Kennebunk, Maine during the summer of 2015. I would like to know the cost of attending. I could not commute as I live in central Maine in southern Piscataquis County.

    1. Sarah,
      I would contact Jim Vesenka ( directly. I seem to remember this workshop being very reasonable in cost. I also seem to remember that they have hostel style housing available through the location of the workshop.

      1. My next question is can I take just the Chemistry Modeling Workshop Week 2 OR is it recommended to start with Week 1 and continue with Week 2???

        1. Dear Sarah,
          The workshops should be taking in order since the curriculum is building on the information of the first week. I suggest you contact Dean and his leader Tom Pfeiffer to double-check.

  3. I know this page is dynamic, so I know it will change weekly with dates. I noticed the digest that was recently sent out mentioned Alabama as a possible state. Any information about this? I live in TN and I am anxiously awaiting one close enough to be able to make the trip (cost effective mainly).

    1. Western Ky University is hosting a modeling workshop, Iwent last year and can recommend both Ken and Aaron as modeling workshop leaders.
      bowling green ky july 6 -24, mechanics
      50 miles from Nashville, if it works

    2. Hi Lucas,

      Lisa Griffin ( and Tim Burgess ( plan to offer a mechanics workshop in Indian Springs Academy from July 7-16, costs are set at $500.

      Last summer, chemistry workshops were offered at 4 locations in Tennessee but this year, the focus will be on math (not modeling).


  4. Any idea what the cost will be for the Franklin HS (Massachusetts) workshop will be? There are some grant funding opportunities with impeding deadlines that I would like to pursue. Thanks in advance!

  5. I am interested in attending a chemistry modeling workshop in Georgia this summer 2015. Who can I contact and how can I register for this workshop?

    1. Hi Patricia,

      At this moment, there are no chemistry Modeling™ workshops planned for Georgia. Georgia State University and their Teacher in Residence, Frank Lock, are working on a mechanics workshop.

      Workshops are constantly being added to the list so please check in on a regular basis,

      Wendy Hehemann

  6. I am interested in attending the workshop at Baldwin Wallace University, OH. Do you happen to know the time that it will run for those 3 weeks? I’m trying to line up a babysitter 🙂

  7. I am a Biology teacher in Mississippi. I got a taste of modeling at the MSTA convention this year, and I believe it may be the golden ticket to success in my school. Unfortunately my wife and I will be in Hawaii until June 20, and the only Biology workshop I see after that time is not open to teachers outside of North Carolina. What would you suggest? Would the one week Intro to Modeling course in South Carolina give me enough info to start planning my lessons for next year?

    1. Dear Mike,
      Thank you for your interest in Modeling™ workshops in general and biology more specifically.
      There are a few biology Modeling workshops this summer. California Cal Poly: June 22 to July 3. The curriculum used will be a combination of the Modeling material and MUSE.
      The Illinois workshop does not fit into your summer.
      You may want to check the Bowling Green State University workshop in Ohio, although I heard it was full. You could be placed on a waiting list perhaps.

      In North Caroline, Rebecca Stanley offers a one week Intro to biology modeling workshop, July 13-17

      An Intro to Modeling™ workshop will give you a taste, you will cover a few units, mechanics, and learn the pedagogy of Modeling™ Instruction.

      If you do not mind to travel, I suggest you look for the workshops that will be held in Alabama (Tim Burgess ) 2 week mechanics. In Arkansas, the host just received funding for the workshop, June 22 to July 8, or Kentucky July 6-24 to name a few.

      If you have more questions, please email me at

  8. I will be teaching Physics (for the first time) next year. Many colleagues in Chicago Public Schools have suggested attending the modeling workshops and using this curriculum for this transition. I see that there are workshops scheduled in Wheaton, IL for this June. Can you give me a little more information about this opportunity (i.e. cost, how to register for the physics workshop, etc.) or who I can contact? Thank you in advance.

  9. I am interested in the Chemistry workshop at the MAISD Regional Math and Science Center in Muskegon, MI. Who would I contact for cost and other information?

  10. I know different states have different school start times, but am I the only person that has time in Late July/though August and there are few, if any, classes to choose from? I would love more choices. Thank you!

  11. Hi Paula,
    You are correct in that most workshops start before mid July, with the highest concentration in the weeks of July 6 and 13.
    All the workshops in the state of New York (STEMteachersNYC and SUNY) start July 20. The workshops in Maine start July 27 and the different workshops in Michigan start late as well.
    I know that here in Arizona school is out in 2 weeks but I would think it is spread out over the country as are the locations of the workshops.

    We can always talk about hosting a Modeling workshop at your school if the interest is there, you can always email me directly

  12. Hello, My name is Ginny Vatcher from Berwick Academy. I think I signed up for the two workshops in Chemistry in Kennebunk this summer, but I haven’t gotten any confirmation from you. Thank you.

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